Iodine Breast Supplements

Iodine supplements are needed now more than ever for the reduction of breast pain.

Iodine breast supplement is an essential trace element for your thyroid’s production of important hormones. We in the U.S. have assumed we were iodine sufficient, getting our daily requirement of iodine intake. But statistics show that we are developing iodine deficiency.

Changes over the last 50 years have contributed to that decline. Salt iodization was assumed to be a principal source of iodine. But salt consumption has declined because of growing concern about cardiovascular risks. Furthermore, a large part of salt consumed by Americans comes from processed foods which invariably contain non-iodized salt.  

Today Americans’ major source of iodine is dairy foods. Iodine is added to cow’s milk by supplementing cattle feed. But iodine-rich dairy products are not much help for lactose-intolerant or other persons who do not consume dairy products.

In any case, Americans are surprisingly in, or on the brink of, an iodine deficiency crisis. Females in particular are not getting the iodine they need from their natural foods diet. Therefore, dietary supplements are rapidly growing as a much-needed source of iodine to fend off breast pain.

Before examining the effectiveness of iodine supplements for treatment of breast pain we need to discuss the conditions they seek to help.

Research studies of iodine deficiency

An extensive study was undertaken in 2019 focused on the growing iodine deficiency among women. 

It observed that the US dietary iodine intakes have decreased drastically since the 1970s with an emphasis on women of reproductive age. The decline in iodine intake has plateaued at an unhealthy level. Thus, we have been under the misperception that the US is an iodine-sufficient nation. 

As we will learn, iodine deficiency has unhealthy effects on non-pregnant women including breast pain.

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